FTX generic 4

FTX generic 4

An attorney defending the debtors in the FTX bankruptcy case has lashed out against social media and said it was spreading information from FTX’s former chief executive officer, Sam Bankman-Fried.

James Bromley stated that the debtors would be subject to “further assaults on Twitter” and similar issues, perhaps leading to delays, if the judge were to grant an extension based on these claims.

Assault via Twitter is something that the debtors, in these instances, have often experienced, according to Bromley. 

“Your honor, it is extremely difficult to cross-examine a tweet, especially one that is being published by someone whose travel is prohibited and who is the subject of a criminal prosecution.”

James Bromley, FTX Attorney.

Following two extremely lengthy and rambling tweets from SBF, who claimed FTX could have remained solvent had it not declared bankruptcy,

Bromley subsequently said that SBF and Friedberg had been using social channels to hurt creditors that submitted information to law enforcement.

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