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Recover loses from binary options and crypto scams. Recover stolen funds and investment losses.

We Listen, We investigate, We act !

Recover trading scam and Investment Loss

Over here, what is most paramount to us is our clients’ recovering their stolen hard earned funds, investment, bitcoin, ethereum, cryptocurrencies

We provide full funds recovery across all sectors: Investment fraud, business fraud, cryptocurrency fraud and more.

Our Recovery Process

Unlike popular belief, stolen crypto and funds are traceable

We Review Cases

We look through each scam of bitcoin, ethereum, binary options and investment scam with a seperate degree of consideration.

Acquire Intelligence

We gather all needed intelligence to verify the genuiness of your claims of being scammed of your bitcoin, ethereum, funds, investment

We Review Cases

We have an eight-people highly skilled tech team ready to trace and recover your digital and fiat currency to the ends of the earth. Everything is traceable.

Our service

The main areas we cover

Trading Scam

Recovery of funds lost from binary trading scam
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Crypto Scam

Recovery of funds lost from cryptocurrency scam
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Crypto Scam

Recovery of funds lost from online trading scam
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Trading Scam

Recovery of funds from online impersonators and phishing
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Recovery of funds from BEC (Business Email Compromise)
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Dating Scam

Recovery of funds lost from online dating
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When do you need our services?

We’ve built a business around recovering stolen and lost bitcoin, ethereum, investments, funds either in a scam or binary option

  • Broker Check

    Are you unsure of a trading company you want to invest in? One a case below and the support department will get back to you within 24 hours to verify if the investment company is legitimate.

  • Damage Control

    Most Crypto scam don't happen suddenly. There is usually an established behavioral pattern by the companies. Have your broker started breaking their promises? Take action on time and open a case below

  • Recovery

    If you have fallen victim of any scam, you should reach out to us! It doesn't matter ho long it was. What matters is that you remember and tell us as much as possible about the entire event. Open a case below to start the recovering process.

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20k+ of the world’s most difficult stolen bitcoin, binary option cases

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