hacking occurred on the centralized2

hacking occurred on the centralized2

Bad actors have compromised the Orbiter Finance Discord server. The hackers have posted a link to a fake airdrop program on the platform.

Orbiter Finance, a decentralized cross-rollup layer-2 bridge, is the latest blockchain protocol to be targeted by hackers.

Blockchain security and analytics platform CertiK Alert initially announced that hack via Twitter during the early hours of June 1. It urged the community members to refrain from interacting with the links posted on the platform.

The bad actors announced a fake ORB token launch and airdrop event that will see 5,000,000 ORB tokens distributed to members of the Orbiter Finance community. 

The Orbiter Finance team has also confirmed the hack via Twitter, making it clear that the team is working hard to regain control of its Discord server. 

Apart from orchestrating direct security breaches of DeFi and web3 protocols, hackers are increasingly hijacking the social media handles of these projects to perpetuate their dirty acts and rip off unsuspecting victims. 

As reported by last month, the Twitter account of Arthur Madrid, the CEO metaverse project, The Sandbox, was hijacked by hackers to spread a phishing scam offering users free SAND token airdrops.

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