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Although XB Markets has attached legal documents, they do not help much with the information gaps, especially on vital parameters, such as leverage and spreads. Nonetheless, we should hint that the industry standard for spreads is 1.5 pips

XB Markets is an online broker without a definitive regulation status. The broker states it caters to institutional clients, fund managers, and professional traders worldwide by providing them with tailored trading brokerage services. Likewise, the entity allows investors to trade on any economic cycle with diversity, efficiency, security, and fairness.

XB Markets Review, XB Markets Company

There is no denying that the forex market has revolutionized mainstream investment. Now, more than ever, traders can invest in digital assets from their location’s comfort. The lack of physical interactions has made transactions easier and faster but, at the same time, risky. Brokers who act as a bridge between investors and liquidity providers also pose a significant threat. This happens when a broker is unmonitored or unaccountable.

 To ensure you do not become a victim of scammers, extensively research trustworthy forex brokers. In researching, you will find lots of information and tips to identify honest brokers. Also, you will familiarize yourself with basic guidelines or rules that forex regulators impose on brokers under them. For these and more, read the following review.

According to the website, Redpine Capital Ltd operates this broker. The broker registered its domain on 13 February 2018, indicating it has substantial experience in this market. This entity promises investors an ultimate trading experience. On its platform, investors can access trade instruments, including forex, indices, metals, energies, and stocks.

According to this broker, traders will benefit from superior charting tools, progressive multi-asset technology, and advanced transparency with level II pricing. Also, the broker guarantees a solid commitment to innovative trading technology, exceptional customer service, and superior dealing performance. However, since there are genuine brokers with reasonable offers, we suggest you try them out rather than this broker lacking a clear-cut regulation.

XB Markets Contact Details

A broker’s location, if accurate, provides a window through which we view its regard for the law. This also communicates transparency, implying the broker does not fear being tracked. As for customer service, most brokers provide at least two communication channels for timely assistance.

XB Markets is based in Cyprus, as shown by its corporate address. The broker has provided telephone and email addresses, an advantage for investors with urgent inquiries. If you are still bent on investing with this broker, first call for clarification on the missing details. If the broker clarifies, you can take your chances but be careful on the amount you risk.

Deposit & Withdraw Rules

Financial transparency is crucial in this investment space. Investors should ascertain the openness and transaction reversal. Ideally, it is recommended that you stick to credit cards as you can file for a refund and identify the funds’ recipient. This makes it easy to take legal action if necessary. Bank/ wire transfers, as well as Skrill, Neteller, SafeCharge, Unlimint, Przelewy, and Decta, are all acceptable deposit and withdrawal methods on XB Markets. Review, Features

The fact that the broker does not accept credit card deposits drew our attention. This is terrible news for investors. Since the broker’s regulation is not as obvious, we recommend caution when depositing with cryptos. The broker has not specified the minimum amount for the deposit, which is weird because how should you decide which account fits you? Investors can withdraw and deposit in US Dollars, Euros, or British Pounds.

Regulation Status of XB Markets 

The regulatory status of a financial services business is the most crucial information you can obtain. The identity of the corporation operating a licensed broker, its physical address, the countries in which it is authorized, and the regulatory organizations that oversee it ought to be public.

You can only establish a broker’s legitimacy if the firm’s name, registration number, and permitted domains are all identical. The fact that you can access these details does not prove accuracy or bias-freeness. For this reason, it is imperative that you thoroughly examine the register maintained by the appropriate regulator.

As far as the broker is concerned, it is owned by Redpine Capital Ltd, a Cyprus corporation under the purview of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The data on XB Markets’ website checks out fine with CySEC’s records. However, XB Markets uses AMP Global Limited’s trading software. This broker also has CySEC’s license, although it operates on a separate domain name. While such technical cooperation is common among smaller brokers, its website and legal documentation mention no agreement between the two organizations.

Investing with regulated brokers is advantageous for many reasons. Your funds are safe from overdrawing and squandering owing to zero balance protection and funds’ segregation. Likewise, you are assured of compensation should the broker become insolvent. Also, in case of a dispute, you can take legal action against the broker.

XB Markets Trading Platform

The MT5 trading platform is the most widely used, and XB Markets provides it. While its predecessor, MT4, remains widely used, the MT5 software offers more sophisticated tools. These are creating and managing multiple accounts, automating trades with custom scripts, and doing backtests of trading methods. Furthermore, market depth in MT5, displaying the number of bids and offers for security at various prices, and an integrated economic calendar, are distinguishing features of this software. There are also more graphical items, timeframes, and technical indications in MT5. 

XB Markets offers an MT5 trading platform. This is a positive sign that investors will get optimal value from their trades. However, we will refrain from recommending this broker as its regulation status is largely inconclusive.

Trading Conditions

Although XB Markets has attached legal documents, they do not help much with the information gaps, especially on vital parameters, such as leverage and spreads. Nonetheless, we should hint that the industry standard for spreads is 1.5 pips. As for the leverage, the broker should not exceed 1:30 capping since it is in Cyprus. Other regulators such as ASIC and FCA limit leverage to 1:30. In contrast, the US and Canada’s agencies cap leverage at 1:50. The restriction helps cushion investors from massive losses during volatility.

Most forex brokers nowadays waive transaction costs and even pay for bank transfers. However, XB Markets levies hefty fees that might reach 3.9%, depending on the chosen payment method. For accounts idle for longer than 90 calendar days, the broker charges a dormant fee of $5 per month.

The broker indicates a commission for opening and canceling a position in its fine print, but the amount is left unstated. In addition, the broker only lists a 0.1% commission for stock CFD trades. The terms for rewarding the commission (per round/lot) are also unspecified.


XB Markets sets us at a crossroads because it is a regulated broker that doesn’t operate as one. In most conditions, investors are left to figure out crucial aspects like trading parameters and terms. Consequently, despite being a regulated broker, the information gaps are too many for our liking or backing.

Using the services of a forex broker who is transparent about the terms of the trade is the most sensible course of action. In most cases, recommending properly licensed and regulated brokers is a no-brainer. However, it is impossible to give traders insightful guidance if we have no idea whether or not XB Markets’ terms are favorable and fair. Subsequently, we suggest you explore more options of trustworthy forex brokers.