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Visa and Fold are set to expand their joint rewards program to Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, providing millions of users the opportunity to earn bitcoin on everyday purchases.

Visa, the global payment processing giant, and Fold, a bitcoin rewards app, have announced their plans to broaden their existing partnership. The expansion aims to bring their joint rewards program to new regions, offering users more opportunities to earn bitcoin through everyday purchases.

The Visa-Fold partnership was designed to allow Fold card users to earn bitcoin rewards for their everyday spending. As cryptocurrency’s popularity continues to grow, companies want bring this program to a wider audience.

The extended partnership will focus on expanding to regions such as Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, providing millions of users with access to the rewards program.

Users can expect to earn bitcoin rewards for everyday purchases using the Fold debit card, which Visa backs. By making it easier for consumers to earn cryptocurrency, the partnership aims to strengthen the adoption of digital assets across the globe.

Visa has been a leader in adopting digital currencies, partnering with several cryptocurrency companies in recent years. By collaborating with Fold, they can further enhance their cryptocurrency offerings, benefiting both businesses and consumers alike.

Fold’s CEO, Will Reeves, expressed his excitement about the expanded partnership, stating that it will not only enable more people to access bitcoin rewards but also contribute to the overall mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Reeves also mentioned that the program’s success in the United States has proven the demand for such reward systems, giving them the confidence to move forward with expansion plans.

By bringing the Visa-Fold rewards program to new regions, both companies hope to leverage their strengths to foster greater acceptance of digital currencies. The move may help the global community to embrace cryptocurrencies as a financial tool and pave the way for increased usage of digital assets in everyday transactions.

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