Microsoft Azure and Space and Time have joined forces to offer businesses seamless access to real-time blockchain data. This partnership comes after the tech giant led a strategic funding round for the web3 data warehousing firm seven months ago.

On April 19, Space and Time, a company specializing in web3 data warehousing, announced that its data warehouse can now be deployed through the Microsoft Azure marketplace.

With one-click deployment, Azure customers will have an easier time integrating and managing massive amounts of corporate data into smart contracts and discovering new applications for indexed blockchain data.

This integration allows organizations to incorporate blockchain technology into their existing operations without compromising computational power or security.

Microsoft’s M12 venture capital fund had previously launched a fundraising mission for Space and Time in September 2022, demonstrating their commitment to assisting customers and partners with web3 use cases and scenarios.

“Together, Microsoft Azure and Space and Time will provide developers with the tools they need to build the next generation of blockchain use cases.”

Kathleen Mitford, CVP of global industry marketing at Microsoft.

Incorporating blockchain into existing operations

In this era of ubiquitous computing, Microsoft Azure’s comprehensive cloud services and top-notch identity and security features offer a dependable array of resources and utilities to build web3 applications.

Nate Holiday, CEO and Co-Founder at Space and Time, underscored the critical importance of verifiable data across blockchains, enterprises, and AI.

He stressed how Space and Time empowers enterprises to incorporate blockchain data seamlessly into their applications and business operations, an essential aspect of nurturing customer growth and maintaining responsible data management practices.

Ultimately, this partnership between Space and Time and Microsoft Azure will open up new possibilities for blockchain foundations and decentralized app (dApp) builders.

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