1679159501 717 crypto news company merger office background bright tones sixties retro futuristic illustrat

1679159501 717 crypto news company merger office background bright tones sixties retro futuristic illustrat

S&P Global is looking for a decentralized finance (DeFi) director who will collaborate with Chuck Mounts, S&P Global’s chief DeFi officer.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a fast-growing sector within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry that seeks to provide traditional financial services, like lending and yield-bearing securities, in a decentralized and open way.

With DeFi, both retail and institutional investors have access to a range of financial services.

S&P Global sees future in DeFi

The growth of DeFi has been nothing short of impressive in the past few years, and the sector has continued to attract an increasing amount of attention and investment.

According to the job posting, the perfect candidate is, “a crypto market participant with a deep understanding of the disruption it represents both for our company and our customers.”

There is increased investment in the DeFi sector, and there has also been a significant increase in investment in DeFi protocols and projects in recent years, with more investors and institutions recognizing the potential of DeFi to revolutionize the financial industry.

DeFi breaks through many barriers that constrain traditional finance, although regulators are working to keep up with many of the innovations that DeFi introduces to the marketplace.

The current enforcement actions by the U.S. securities and exchange commission (SEC) against staking platforms demonstrate this dynamic.

A growing DeFi user base is likely attractive to S&P Global, which has an international reach, and deep connections within the financial sector. The salary range being offered according to the posting is $107,100 to $212,975, depending on a few factors.

The number of users tapping DeFi platforms has also grown significantly, with more institutional investors recognizing the benefits of decentralized financial services such as increased transparency and lower costs.

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