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MT 59 (aka MT Global) claims to be a global digital asset exchange with millions of users yet reports to The Crypto Adviser suggest it’s nothing more than another scam site.

One user who contacted me said they’d lost more than $50,000 – a large chunk of their life savings – after being scammed by this fake trading platform.

They were clearly upset by their loss and were pursuing the scammers through a specialised crypto recovery firm.

On the surface of it, the site almost appears respectable, but a few quick checks reveal that not all is as it seems and that there is actually no reason to believe any genuine crypto services are offered.

For example, MT 59 or MT Global as it’s sometimes referred to on the site, claims to have 90 million users in 90 countries around the world, yet the only mentions of the platform online are of it being a scam.

This is a huge red flag and should send you running for the hills, but there are plenty of other signs that this is a scam operation.

Fake testimonials on MT Global Bitcoin trading platform

The messaging is also mixed, with the site alternating between claiming it’s a crypto exchange to purporting to be a generalised ‘finance’ platform.

There are even a series of video testimonials from people who’ve claimed to have made quick profits from the app, but they’re clearly actors who are reading from a script.

I’m 100% convinced that MT 59/Global is a scam site. Do not invest any of your money here as you will lose it.

Spotting the MT 59 crypto scam

These are some of the things that tell me the MT Global crypto platform is a scam:

  • The name of the platform and the URL are different.
  • The details of who registered the URL have been deliberately hidden.
  • The mobile app links lead to direct downloads.
  • Many of the other links lead to generic content scraped from other sites.
  • The video testimonials have no credibility and are clearly not genuine.
  • The link to a supposed support channel on Telegram leads nowhere.
  • A lot of the internal pages purport to show one thing, but redirect to a sign-up page, while other pages are just blank.
  • The GUI shown in a supposed screenshot of the trading app is different to the one used in the testimonial videos.

These things and others lead me to believe that anyone who signs up to and sends money to this platform will lose it to scammers.

Getting money back from crypto scammers

If you’ve been scammed and you’re trying to get your money back you’ll realise how difficult it is to secure the return of your funds from the scammers.

The crypto space is still mostly unregulated which means there are far fewer security measures in place to ensure you don’t lose your money.

If you have lost cash to a crypto scam, there are a few things you can do yourself, and also companies that might be able to help secure the return of your funds.

See the links below for more on how to get your money back from crypto scammers.

If you suspect a site is fake, get in touch.

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