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Polygon recently announced the official launch of Polygon bridger for Polygon zkEVM, highlighting some new functionalities allowing quick withdrawals. 

As part of their continuous development, Polygon announced the launch of a new bridge focused on the Polygon zkEVM layer-2 solution. This announcement was made via a press statement released on April 26.

The Polygon zkEVM solution was launched on March 27, following months of rigorous tests. 

Reports highlight that the new bridge brings some minor UX improvements created in consideration of community feedback. 

Based on the reports, the improvements include a more visible progress bar, transaction history, and a recent transaction panel designed with a color code system progress bar. Furthermore, this upgrade brings other features like estimated time for a pending transaction, the ability to filter transactions, and many more upgrades.

Interestingly, the new bridge has been designed to support many ERC-20 and ERC-777 tokens. The reports noted that this new bridge introduces an autonomous mapping functionality. 

In the press statement, Polygon highlighted that the bridge offers quick withdrawals. Polygon mentioned that many bridges use manual mapping, where an investor must take hours to map their tokens before a transaction is completed. 

The Polygon statement notes that their autonomy mapping means that the bridge maps the tokens when an investor triggers a transaction.

Furthermore, Polygon highlighted that the new bridge is powered by ZK technology, hence suitable for scaling. Polygon noted that their bridge inherits Ethereum’s security due to using ZK. Part of the statement reads: 

“Bridges powered by zero knowledge technology are better than those powered with other technologies because they are governed entirely by smart contracts: one on Ethereum and one on Polygon zkEVM.”

Polygon boasts increasing adoption 

In the press statement, Polygon highlighted that the zkEVM layer-2-solution already has many teams building on it. The teams include infrastructure providers, dApps, and even gaming projects. 

The teams highlighted include Alchemy, The Graph, ANKR, Sequence, Midnight Society, Oath of Peak, Balancer, Lens, and others. More recently, Uniswap passed a proposal to launch on zkEVM.

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