crypto news The American Supreme Court Building blurry trading chart background bright neon color cyberpunk

crypto news The American Supreme Court Building blurry trading chart background bright neon color cyberpunk

In a recent legislative meeting held by the Nevada Senate Committee on Commerce and Labor, members discussed a cryptocurrency bill aiming to establish a recovery fund to protect vulnerable populations from fraud, abuse, and manipulation within the cryptocurrency sector.

The fund in question would seek to address the alarming increase in scams, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and provide a safety net for citizens who have fallen victim to these schemes.

The proposed bill calls for an amendment that would create a recovery fund financed by a 5% fee or assessment on cryptocurrency transactions. This fund would be used to help victims recover their losses resulting from scams in the cryptocurrency space.

During the meeting, speakers also discussed the necessity of implementing a registry or licensing system to track individuals involved in cryptocurrency transactions.

Such a system would help maintain a database to identify those participating in scams and fraudulent activities. The proposed registration aims to tackle the challenges of tracing individuals involved in cryptocurrency investments, many of whom operate online or as single individuals.

The bill empowers the commissioner to create regulations for the registry, which would primarily be hosted online.

The speakers emphasized the importance of regulating the cryptocurrency industry and requiring registration and licensing for those involved in the business, drawing comparisons to licensed contractors. The objective is to foster a safe environment for people to invest in registered and licensed entities.

Some speakers shared personal stories of victims affected by cryptocurrency scams, including a senior citizen who lost all their savings, highlighting the urgent need for regulation.

However, not all speakers were in favor of the bill, with some suggesting that education and banning cryptocurrency might be better alternatives. The committee will reconvene to address more bills and continue discussions on the proposed cryptocurrency regulations.

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