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Myria, an Ethereum layer-2 blockchain gaming platform, has launched its native MYRIA token on the OKX crypto exchange. MYRIA brings in-game utility and numerous benefits to its holders, empowering the growth of web3. 

Myria: next-generation blockchain gaming

Myria is a blockchain game development studio and an Ethereum layer-2 platform built to scale digital assets, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and blockchain gaming. Myria utilizes zero knowledge (ZK) roll-up tech to supercharge its ecosystem and bring the next generation of gamers to the blockchain, offering players and developers near-instant transactions with a speed of over 9,000 TPS, zero gas fees on transactions, and free NFT minting. 

Myria employs a player-first approach in developing all its games, focusing on enriching the gaming experience. Players can retain true, verifiable ownership and control over their in-game NFT assets or trade them on the marketplace.

The MYRIA token uses the ERC-20 standard and has numerous cases ranging from governance, staking, and in-game utility to protocol fees and Myria node purchases. MYRIA has a maximum supply of 50b tokens, with tokens allocated to the ecosystem fund, node rewards, project development, liquidity provision, and strategic reserve.

With the launch of MYRIA on OKX, the Myria project is a step closer to building the ultimate Web3 gaming ecosystem. Brendan Duhamel, Myria’s co-founder and head of blockchain, said:

 “Our token launch is another step towards our goal of building and scaling innovative blockchain games securely and effectively. This is what will truly scale the ecosystem and our goal is to make it easier for both players and game studios to enter the web3 space.”

To achieve that goal, Myria has gathered over 250 third-party gaming projects, all actively building on the platform. It has over a million registered users and a thriving community of more than 350,000 Myrians. 

Myria has also partnered with celebrity cricket player AB de Villiers, to launch his play-and-earn (P2E) game. It’s set to be the first celebrity-backed mobile cricket game that successfully integrates blockchain tech and NFT features. Myria would also reveal details about Metarush, the first game by Myria Studios, in a closed gameplay event.

MYRIA airdrop and public sale

To celebrate the launch of MYRIA, community members are invited to participate in the Myria x OKX Airdrop worth 45m MYRIA tokens to be shared among 5000 winners. Afterward, there will be the Alliance Key NFT Airdrop. 

After the listing on OKX, the MYRIA token will be listed on Kucoin and several more exchanges. Myria’s public node sale will go live on April 7, bringing the network into a new realm of true decentralization by allowing anyone who wishes to run a node to purchase a node license using MYRIA tokens.

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