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Moxy and Stainless Games have joined forces to release Shock Rods on the Moxy platform for an immersive esports gamer experience.

Stainless Games releases Shock Rods on Moxy

Shock Rods is a 6v6 arena shooter game that features a 6v6 team match or 12-man free-for-all game style. 

Initially released in 2019, Stainless Games in collaboration with is releasing Shock Rods on the Moxy platform, which would provide gamers with an immersive eSports experience while competing against other gaming enthusiasts.

Through Moxy’s esports-enabled platform, fans of Shock Rods can join thrilling matches and have the chance to win real-world rewards for their expertise. With its state-of-the-art technology and robust features, the Moxy platform aims to bring a seamless and exhilarating gaming journey.

The CEO of, Matt deFouw said:

 “Moxy is thrilled to partner with Stainless Games to bring Shock Rods to our platform. Our goal is to provide gamers with a world-class esports gaming experience, and Shock Rods is the perfect addition to our growing list of games.”

Moxy and Stainless Games align

Using Blockchain technology, Moxy delivers on-demand eSports gaming opportunities for all gamers. It aims to provide a gaming token and dynamic gaming opportunities for all gamers to interact with globally. Moxy is the first to provide such services, and it remains at the forefront, ensuring an inclusive and rewarding gaming environment for all participants.

This is evident from Moxy’s play-and-earn style, as opposed to the popular play-to-earn gaming style. Unlike the play-to-earn that focuses on rewards, and less on gameplay, Moxy’s play-and-earn style focuses on providing a fantastic gaming experience, boosting enjoyment with the added financial rewards.

The addition of Shock Rods to Moxy’s platform is in line with its commitment to providing the best experience for its users. As the latest development to the platform, Moxy’s team aims to grow the platform in tandem with the current trend of esport growth.

On the other hand, Stainless Games, the creator of Shock Rods, is a video game developer based on the Isle of Wight that specializes in developing downloadable games for companies like Microsoft Windows and the Xbox 360.

Stainless Games shares the same level of enthusiasm for the partnership expressed by Moxy’s CEO. The partnership would enable them to elevate their game to new heights in the esports competition scene. The dedication of both the Moxy and Stainless Games teams aligns, driven by the goal to develop competitive games.

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