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MakerDAO, a decentralized crypto lending and borrowing protocol, is making changes on its roadmap, including banning virtual private networks (VPN) and users from the United States. 

MakerDAO plans major changes for Endgame

The update, known as “Endgame,” aims to enhance efficiency, resilience, and participation in the MakerDAO ecosystem through artificial intelligence (AI) tools and open processes. 

The update would consist of 5 phases. 

In phase 1, called Beta Launch, MakerDAO will undergo a complete rebranding with a new unified brand and website. Two new tokens, codenamed “NewStable” and “NewGovToken,” will be introduced alongside the existing DAI and MKR tokens. DAI is the platform’s algorithmic stablecoin, while MKR is the governance token of the MakerDAO protocol.

Phase 2, known as SubDAO Launch, will establish six Maker SubDAOs, accompanied by token farms for the “NewStable” token. These SubDAOs will bring decentralization and specialization to MakerDAO, enabling rapid growth and decision-making within their respective areas. 

Phase 3 will revolutionize governance within MakerDAO through the introduction of production-grade AI tools. These tools, powered by Alignment Artifacts, will improve decision-making and level the playing field between insiders and community members. 

Phase 4 focuses on incentivizing user participation in governance. The Sagittarius Lockstake Engine (SLE) will incentivize users to lock up “NewGovTokens” and delegate voting power. Participants will have the opportunity to earn “NewStable” income or SubDAO tokens as rewards for their participation in securing the governance process. 

The final phase, phase 5, introduces the NewChain. This dedicated blockchain will host all backend logic for SubDAO tokenomics and MakerDAO governance security.

MakerDAO unveils Spark Protocol

MakerDAO recently unveiled its Spark Protocol on May 8. It is a protocol to enhance liquidity and yield-bearing capabilities for the DAI stablecoin.

An essential aspect of the Spark Protocol is its connection to MakerDAO’s peg stability module, which facilitates instant swapping of USDC for DAI and sDAI at a 1:1 ratio. This feature enhances liquidity by allowing for seamless conversions between the two assets.

The Spark Protocol is also integral to MakerDAO’s broader Endgame plan, which seeks to establish DAI as a free-floating asset collateralized by real-world assets. 

Under this plan, DAI will maintain its peg to USD for three years. This time, MakerDAO will accumulate as much ethereum (ETH) as possible to increase the ratio of decentralized collateral.

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