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Lookonchain just flagged a phishing attack against a crypto investor, where the victim lost about $3.8 million worth of Rocket Pool tokens. 

Phishing attack takes 85,000 RPL

Crypto phishing and scamming attacks thrive as more investors lose large sums of funds. Just a few hours ago, Lookonchain reported a phishing activity that affected the wallet of @poapxyz. 

Lookonchain explained that a phishing wallet Fake_Phishing66321 transferred around 85,898 RPL out of the investor’s wallet in a scamming transaction. 

Based on the data, this phishing event occurred only a few hours ago. This data was obtained from the analytics network Etherscan. 

Lookonchain posted a screenshot showing the details of the phishing attack which occurred in two transactions. The first transaction scammed 64,423 RPL, while the second obtained just about 21,474 RPL tokens. 

The combined value of the Rocket Pool stolen amounted to $3.83 million based on the data analysis, with the gas fee for this entire transaction standing at $6.

While highlighting the event, Lookonchain tagged ZachXBT (@zachxbt), an investigator in the crypto space who reportedly survived a rug pull. ZachXBT noted that the attackers used Venom Drainer to exploit the investor and steal the lump sum.

The investigator also highlighted another case where an investor lost about $4 million worth of ERC 20 tokens from a permit phishing attack on March 24. Scam Sniffer (@realScamSniffer), a Twitter account dedicated to reporting some crypto scams, flagged the case.

The phishing problem continues

Under the Lookonchain tweet, there were many worried investors. One user asked Etherscan to ensure they completely blacklist the fake phishing account, maybe in a mission to protect investors in the future.

The Lookonchain tweet highlights a significant problem in the crypto space, where unknowing investors lose millions from attacks.

As more attacks occur, other phishers are seemingly leaving the scamming business. In early March, Monkey Drainer, a crypto scammer, announced business closure, moving to something better.

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