To aid with the distribution of land equitably, the virtual meeting service has incorporated Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on Polygon’s mainnet. 

The integration offers a tamper-proof and auditable source of randomness to guarantee the equitable distribution of public land parcels acquired by users on the Homespace Map. Users may exhibit their AI simulations or works in progress on the site.

Chainlink VRF guarantees a safe and open land allocation method, giving everyone a fair shot at the best properties. promotes a level playing field by giving everyone an equally distributed opportunity to acquire prime real estate by randomly assigning it on the map.

After careful consideration, settled on Chainlink VRF because it combines cutting-edge academic research with an existing Oracle network. To ensure the integrity of all random numbers used in smart contracts, their safe implementation requires generation and verification through cryptographic proofs.

Chainlink VRF generates a random integer and cryptographic proof by mixing block data that is still unavailable at the time of the request with the Oracle node’s pre-committed private key. The Homespace intelligent Purchase Land contract requires a tamper-proof VRF method to accept the random number input and a valid cryptographic proof.

Users’ AI avatars will become more popular due to the integration of Chainlink VRF on Homespace. This raises the land’s potential worth and makes it more desirable to sell or use for personal reasons.

Timur Suleimanov, the platform’s creator, is ecstatic about the partnership. He sees Chainlink VRF as crucial to the platform’s goal of evenly distributing virtual land parcels over the Homespace map.

Users may feel safe and confident in the Homespace Land Purchase system thanks to the incorporation of Chainlink VRF on, which offers a transparent and secure process for equitable land distribution.

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