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After facing accusations of sexual assault, Yu Jun resigned from A&T Capital, according to reports.

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Yu Jun is a founding partner of A&T Capital and equally participated in the creation of Ant Group Co. In a recent statement, A&T Capital announced that Yu Jun has resigned from his company position to deal with personal issues.

In a recent statement, A&T capital also announced that they have already lodged a probe into his behavior in the workplace. Further reports indicate that the investigation of Yu Jun will be led by another A&T founding partner, Jasmine Zhang.

Yu has been a Key opinion leader for Chinese crypto investors for a long time. 

Several women have publicly accused Yu Jun of sexual harassment in the workplace. Some of those women were his employees at A&T Capital. One of the women claimed that Yu made inappropriate advances toward her back in 2022.

She allegedly quit her job. 

Despite working in OKX between 2018 and 2019, the exchange never disclosed any serious allegations against Yu.

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The company encouraged Yu Jun to cooperate fully with the police. A&T will also help the police where possible, based on the statement. 

Sexual harassment in the tech world 

This is not the first instance of women facing sexual assault in the tech industry. In 2021, a woman who accused a manager of sexual assault was fired by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Remember, Alibaba has ties to Ant Group. 

He Yi, Binance’s co-founder and executive, highlighted the problem of women facing social harassment in workplaces. She, however, did not comment on the allegations against Yu Jun. 

Last year after the Miami Bitcoin Conference, women complained about sexual harassment.

A crypto user and enthusiast, Rachel Siegel, attended the conference and complained of sexual harassment. Another woman complained that a male had groped her breasts.

There has also been an alleged case of rape in the metaverse. There were also complaints that Peter Todd, a speaker at last year’s conference, was accused of sexual misconduct. 

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