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The DAOMaker game project, Degen Zoo, has been halted as the team investigates a possible exploit on Binance Oracle. 

Degen Zoo suspended 

Reports from the Degen Zoo Telegram group indicate that the team agreed to briefly stop and launch an investigation into possible manipulation. 

DAOMaker game, Degen Zoo, temporarily halted on hacking fears - 1
Degen Zoo game halted: Telegram

The team agreed that this intervention was the best option to manage anxiety and mitigate risks that might arise if there is an exploit. 

Prior investigations conducted 30 minutes before the announcement has not yielded any results confirming an exploit. However, the investigating team has not determined whether the attacker tried getting hold of quality non-fungible token (NFT) assets. 

The team insisted that hatching processes entirely occur on Binance Oracle, thus leaving no room for hatching “good” NFTs through smart contracts. They also appear confident that there are no signs of an on-chain exploit. 

Suspicious activity spotted

Suspicion of a possible exploit arose when an address 0x8E…3c3c burnt $58,000, or roughly 2m DZOO, their native token, as shown by BscScan. This action had never occurred before and therefore raised eyebrows.

The Degen Zoo project is a relaxation game created by DAOMaker launched to demonstrate the possibility of executing Logan Paul’s Crypto Zoo game in 30 days. 

The game applies a deflationary token accompanied by digital assets containing 120 threatened species to mimic the impact of capitalism toward animal extinction. It acts as an eye-opener on how human greed contributes to the extinction of various animals. A player is entitled to “burn” owned NFTs to assert the collection facing extinction, profiting as a result.

Besides DZOO, users can stake to earn an egg. The DZOO token is listed in most exchanges, such as Binance, which one purchase using, among other coins, bitcoin (BTC).

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