The crypto market is abuzz, with Curve DAO (CRV) stealing the spotlight. Over the past week, CRV has exhibited a significant price surge and notable weekly gains of around 10%, trading at $0.99 as of April 10.

This has left investors and market watchers eager to understand the forces driving this remarkable performance. 

Let’s examine the factors contributing to CRV’s growth, including its price action, reasons for the surge, and prospects.

CRV weekly price chart | Source: CoinMarketCap
CRV weekly price chart | Source: CoinMarketCap

CRV’s price action and weekly gains

CRV has emerged as the biggest weekly gainer in the top 100 coins. From April 3 to April 8, CRV’s price climbed from $0.907 to $1.0240. During the same period, its market cap ballooned from $694.13 million to $793.51 million. 

The recent surge in Curve DAO’s performance may be linked to its exceptional Q1 results. As reported by Blockworks, Curve saw a staggering $32.9 billion in swap volume on Ethereum (ETH) during the first quarter. 

In comparison, its contemporaries, such as Balancer and SushiSwap, experienced a mere fraction of that volume, facilitating $5.7 billion and $3.9 billion, respectively. 

Meanwhile, CRV secured a 9.42% share in Grayscale’s DeFi Fund, reflecting the asset’s growing prominence in the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape. 

Both these events have likely served as a driving force behind Curve DAO’s price performance.

Curve DAO’s recent developments

Curve is set to unveil two significant upgrades: crvUSD and upgraded tricrypto contracts. 

The crvUSD, a collateralized debt position (CDP) style stablecoin, is generated by depositing collateral and borrowing the stablecoin. 

The liquidation mechanism safeguards borrower collateral, enabling crvUSD to create a new revenue stream from interest fees and a feeless transfer mechanism between listed collateral types.

The upgraded tricrypto contracts, on the other hand, enhance computation efficiency, reducing the average cost to swap through a tricrypto pool. 

This upgrade also introduces a permissionless factory for launching tricrypto pools, further increasing its appeal.

Record-breaking whale transfer fuels the surge

Adding to the excitement surrounding CRV is the recent transfer of 77.7 million CRV tokens from one non-exchange whale to another, valued at $73.3 million. 

This transaction marks the largest in Curve’s 2.5 years of history and has sparked widespread speculation. 

While some interpret this as a strategic move to consolidate power and influence, others consider it an ambitious investment decision by two large investors. 

Regardless of the rationale, this transfer signals a growing interest in CRV and its potential market impact.

CRV price prediction

Forecasting the trajectory of any cryptocurrency is a challenging endeavor. However, recent events surrounding CRV offer a glimpse into its potential future path. 

CoinCodex projects that CRV will continue its upward momentum, potentially hitting $1.088617 by Apr. 17. 

In contrast, DigitalCoin anticipates CRV crossing the $2 threshold, with an average trading price of $2.02 in 2023 and soaring to $3.35 by 2025.

As Curve DAO gears up to roll out its eagerly awaited upgrades, we await the possible repercussions on CRV’s pricing and market position. 

However, investors must exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions, as the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies can lead to unpredictable market fluctuations.

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