Bluelight – economic strategy1

Bluelight – economic strategy1

Bitget Exchange now has a new address book function that allows it to upgrade the single deposit address to multiple deposit addresses to help “airdrop hunters.”

Bitget is bringing more utility 

In an announcement letter addressed to Bitget users, users can now manage their funds in multiple addresses to help “airdrop hunters,” up to 50 deposit addresses for every user. In addition, they can edit the address notes in batches with memos and tags. Furthermore, they can select addresses from their address book or drop-down menu.

The new functionality also supports coin inquiries whereby after the user selects a network, all addresses on the network are shown. Meanwhile, it also allows users to export in Excel; hence users can export batches of their deposit history. However, the new function is, at the moment, not accessible to fund custody users.

Bitget also introduced a BGB staking service whereby users do not require KYC verification to stake BGB and withdraw their assets. Meanwhile, they will not receive any withdrawal fees.

BGB whitepaper update released

Bitget, on April 24, launched its new BGB whitepaper with new features and internal economy changes for the token. The whitepaper highlights that the new features aim to allow the asset to get even more into web3 through more integration through broader services.

Some features it highlighted were the BGB lottery, a trial fund for futures trading, and access to a launchpad and launchpool. In addition, holders can vote on different project listings and access exclusive benefits using the token on the Bitget ecosystem.

As for the internal economy changes, the BGB token will have its deflationary mechanism enacted through a burning feature. The feature comes as expected, considering the BGB token grew 500% in February 2023, achieving an all-time high of $0.51. 

The latest development and expansion around the token’s functionality is a move to attract more users. After the announcement, the BGB token climbed 6% on the last day to trade at $0.41.

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