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ARB token gains as the Binance exchange announced the impending listing of Radiant Capital tokens on its innovation zone.

After launching a few days ago, the ARB token has amassed massive traction within cryptocurrency. This native of the Arbitrum landscape has also enjoyed listing in several crypto exchanges.

Owing to ARB’s hype, Binance and other exchanges have announced listing Arbitrum-linked tokens. One such token is RDNT. 

Recently, Binance announced plans to list Radiant Capital (RDNT) tokens in the Innovation Zone. 

Currently, Radiant is a top lending agreement on the Arbitrum network. The reports indicate that the token will be listed on Binance on March 30 at 07:30 (UTC). 

Further reports indicate that the network’s users will benefit from zero makers fees, especially on the RDNT/USDT trading pairs. Based on the release, this free offer will be available for the foreseeable future.

Furthermore, the Binance release noted that the exchange would add the RDNT token to its platform borrowing services 48 hours after listing.

The listing of RDNT, an Arbitrum-based token, is very good news for the ARB token. 

Further incoming reports indicate that Upbit will also add ARB to the now-existing BTC and KRW markets while supporting deposits from the Arbitrum network. The trading of the market in Upbit will begin on March 30. 

ARB token price actions 

In general, the ongoing hype surrounding the ARB token and Arbitrum network has been a significant factor in the token’s price actions in the past few hours. Based on data from CoinMarketCap, ARB is among the top trending tokens, having gained at least 11.7% in value over the past day. At the moment, ARB is trading at $1.38. 

Despite the token rising steadily in the past 24 hours, the charts indicate that ARB has been trading in the red since its inception. Airdropped at about $11, the token trades at about $1.3.

Based on the recent hype and price actions, experts and the general crypto price to hit $2 soon. 

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